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New Ocean Media is a full service media and management firm that was founded in 2005.  New Ocean Media has established a proven track record in tour press, national press, social media, radio promotion, video servicing, Spotify promotion and song placement.  Our focus is getting our clients the maximum exposure in all mediums. 

The music industry is constantly changing, but the one thing that remains consistent is touring.  In todays musical climate, great media exposure can make or break an artist on the road.  New Ocean Media works with artists in all styles and genre’s of music.  From rock to rap to country, we help our clients break into each tour market through interviews, in-studio performances, concert reviews, etc. Through our relationships with newspapers, magazines, radio stations, social networking sites, Podcasts, blogs, lifestyle sites and online magazines, we have been able to yield big results for our clients.  Our well-connected associates can also help with radio promotion and CD and DVD launches.

New Ocean Media is constantly striving to develop innovative publicity opportunities for our clients by embracing new business models. As technology becomes more advanced, the “old way” of releasing music and promoting artists is becoming less and less effective.  Our associates realize the importance of staying ahead of the curve when building a customized campaign for each client. 

We also work closely with several networks, television shows and major motion picture companies for song placement.  Our clients have been featured in television shows such as Stranger Things (Netflix), Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (Netflix), Westworld (HBO), MTV, VH1, Gossip Girl, Dexter, True Blood, Sons Of Anarchy, etc., video games such as Rockband, Guitar Hero, WWE Smackdown etc., and motion pictures such as Gotti (Lionsgate), Guardians Of The Galaxy (Marvel), Vice (Plan B Entertainment), etc.  

Trust your next tour, album launch or radio promotion with us and let us show you what New Ocean Media can do for you.


New Ocean Media offers an array of services that includes:

    •    Tour press for major and independent touring artists

    •    Radio promotion

    •    Song placement in television and movies

    •    Resource networking: Finding the right people with common goals in media is a rewarding challenge. We offer the songwriter the right spark to achieve their vision in song by connecting them with great song writing partners if desired

    •    Full production facility resources. We work with a great production team to provide content

    •    Video Servicing 

    •    Social Media

    •    Artist development: We feel it's an absolute to building a band into a success. regardless of the scale

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