"New Ocean Media is rare for this business.  Usually when you hire an outsource company all you get is an invoice and under performance.  With New Ocean Media, you get over delivery, passion and commitment.  You get the invoice too, but it's one you are happy to pay!  I look forward to working more projects with them."  Jack Ponti - Merovingian Music, Ltd / EMI Records

"New Ocean Media" is without a doubt one of the best companies I have ever worked with!  They are Consistent with information and effort."   John Greenberg - Union Entertainment Group (Nickelback, Red, Cinderella)

"New Ocean Media is always professional and courteous to deal with and understands what we're up against for scheduling.  I look forward to working with them in the future."  Brian Duffy - TM (Vertical Horizon, Candlebox, etc.)

“New Ocean Media has been instrumental in reinvigorating the careers of both Tantric and Candlebox. They have actually done much more than they said they could do. That's not only unheard of but downright strange. It has not just been the amount and level of press that has been great, but the precise implementation and organization of the daily schedule as well.”   Jeff Hanson - JHMP / SMG (Creed, Paramore)

"I love this company. Not only are they effective but they make my job that much easier. It' doesn't get any better."    Greg Epler - Manager - (Fuel, Tantric)

"Our experience with New Ocean Media has been absolutely brilliant. Candlebox has been with some of the biggest publicity companies in the world, including MSO and Susan Blonde.  New Ocean is right up there with the best. Excellent contacts, strong relationships with mass media and great artist relations.  We would highly recommend them to any of today's heavy hitters all the way down to the just beginners!”  Kevin Martin - Candlebox

"My experience with New Ocean Media has been nothing but positive. Their attention to detail and the artist is second to none.   I will continue to work with them in the future and I can say Tantric owes some of their success to the company.”  Hugo Ferreira - Tantric

“New Ocean Media helped take my band from 5 guys that looked like 13 year olds to 5 guys that look like 13 year olds in all of the public's eye. I'd be lying to say New Ocean didn't have a huge part in the success that Framing Hanley has had. They are truly a company that pushes artists that they genuinely believe in and in turn, have helped us reach the level that we are at today.”  Nixon - Framing Hanley